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"I am currently in my junior year of college, and I play football for my university. I sustained an injury to my knee in the first semester of my freshman year and it continued to plague me during any physical activity from that point forward. In the next two years I went on to exhaust all means of treatment at my disposal, including the team trainers and a physical therapist.  Very close to resigning myself to a lifelong strain, Rena Dearman was recommended to me by a friend. Having never had a sport specific massage I was nervous when I first showed up, but her professionalism and easy manner quickly put me at ease. After the first session the difference was noticeable and by the fourth my knee no longer had any pain. I now come to her with any affliction college football awards me and credit her with keeping me in the game."
Ian E.
"Rena is a truly gifted massage therapist. Her training gave her the technical knowledge to add to her already strong intuition and sensitivity. She genuinely cares about the people she helps; being a massage therapist is much more than just a job to her. I highly recommend her." 
Sharon D.                         
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                      Rena D. Dearman, LMT
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"For my 82nd birthday, I received a gift certificate from Transforming Massage. Rena was my therapist. Not only did I feel good, it was the best birthday present that anyone could have given me. Can’t wait for my next massage."
Pauline K.
"I feel like I am a massage “connoisseur.” By far, the best massage I have ever received has been by Ms. Dearman. I no longer receive a massage from anyone else. As a psychotherapist, I also refer my patients who are dealing with stress and anxiety to Ms. Dearman to help them with the physiological effects of stress. Her desire to truly help others is refreshing."
Dr. Patricia M.
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